We have always wanted to cook with fresh and local produce while enjoying a beautiful sea view. In Normandy you have the best of both worlds, with both the best products from the sea as well as from the country within reach. We want to ensure that our guests are enjoying themselves. Local seasonal produce, the fish of the day and the best meats from the region, sometimes traditional Normandy dishes, but often slightly different, with an international twist. The menu changes every season, to best take advantage of seasonal products and ensure freshness.

Besides the changing menu we have some classics (if deliverable). Including of course the Plateau Fruits de Mer and the delicious coquilles.

The prices of a three-course menu starts at €28,50 and depending on what is on the menu for that week a surplus may be asked for some dishes. During the afternoon we have a different lunch menu.

Opening hours:

April to Septembre: All days of the week, noon and evenings.                                                                                             Octobre to March: Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as well as Thursday noons.

Make a reservation: 

If you plan to have dinner in the restaurant, please make some reservations in advance to avoid disappointment: or 0033 6 30 39 29 10